The Adventures of Nurse Niki
The Adventures of Nurse Niki
  • Maria Nicola Rosetti, aka Nurse Niki, a nightshift pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) nurse, and the narrator of this blog
  • Maddie, Niki’s daughter
  • Simon, Niki’s husband & Maddie’s father
  • Liz, a nightshift nurse coworker of Niki’s in the PICU
  • Kathy, another nightshift nurse PICU coworker
  • Kris, a dayshift PICU nurse coworker of Niki’s
  • Gerald, the nightshift respiratory therapist assigned to PICU
  • Corey, the nightshift ER nurse
  • Dr. Polk, the PICU intensivist
  • Raquel, Niki’s sister
  • Grant, Raquel’s husband, an attorney
  • Amber, Simon’s wife
  • Wade, Amber’s young son