Not a Morning Person (Niki Starts Dayshift)

Chapter 54 I am not a morning person. The alarm of my cell phone rings loudly while the device vibrates maniacally against the top of the nightstand. Trying to silence it, I accidentally knock it to the floor where it continues to thrash. I get up and turn the damn thing off, replacing it on […]

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I Hate This, All of It (Maddie Talks to Niki)

Chapter 51 “Maddie, open the door.” “Go away!” “Maddie, I know you’re upset, but we need to talk.” “I don’t want to talk. I hate you! And Amber, and Dad too!” “Maddie, I’ve heard Amber’s side of the story, now I want to hear yours. Please open the door and talk to me. 
” I […]

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Simon’s Turn (Simon talks back)

Chapter 21 “Yes you are, Niki.  You’re wrecking our home.” Simon, seated across from me in the family room hadn’t moved a muscle, but the power of his words hit me like a punch to the stomach: breathless, and unable to speak. My bravado was gone. Defeated, I crumpled into the chair, fighting back tears. […]

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