Bruises Not Scratches (Niki Discovers Something Unsettling)

Chapter 58 “Raquel, it was absolute mayhem. The little dog took off down the hall after the bunny, and then the charge nurse called Security to help round them up. Of course, Security didn’t have any idea of what to do. Eventually, two officers cornered the animals, grabbed Rocket, and the pet therapist gathered up […]

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Their Pounding Hearts (parenthood is hard)

  Chapter 52 “Maddie certainly is your daughter, Niki. The family resemblance is startling,” laughs Gerald when I tell him and Liz about Maddie’s pranks. “Gerald, are you calling me a smart ass?” “Uh, yeah.” “Amber should lighten up a little,” says Liz. “I’d give anything if Nathan pulled simple hijinks like that instead of […]

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