Call 911 (Niki comes to the aid of a family in distress at the grocery store)

Chapter 4 The rest of that shift was uneventful. Once dayshift arrived, I gave report on the new admission, and my other patient too. I wash my hands, use the restroom, and wash my hands again. Never get into a car with a full bladder. I leave the hospital by the ER exit on my […]

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A Good Shift (Niki introduces two coworkers)

Chapter 2 One good thing about working twelve-hour night shifts in a Southern California hospital is driving against traffic for the commute. Californians don’t measure commutes in miles, but by how long it takes them to get there. Everyone knows to stay off the freeways, and take surface streets. I pull into the hospital staff […]

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Make Sure You Spell It Right (Introduction)

Chapter 1  He was practically screaming at me over the phone at the nurses’ desk. I wondered how anyone could summon so much energy at 2 am on short notice. “I want you to give that digoxin now, young lady!” “If I give the digoxin, the kid’s heart is going to stop. He’s bradycardic; his […]

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